I am an IT Consultant at Eli Lilly & Company. My primary responsibilities include consulting and solution delivery on Social Business oriented initiatives. I help my peers apply creative “new ways” to get work done through the use of social collaboration behaviors and tools, and manage implementation projects to ensure the set of social collaboration capabilities available are effective at facilitating an improved collaboration culture.

My previous experience includes IT Business Analysis / Project Management responsibilities on various projects for Regulatory and Safety pharmaceutical processes within Lilly.

In addition to my passion for changing the way people work with one another, I am a dedicated family man (wife and 2 kids), an avid golfer (5 handicap), a rabid Indianapolis Colts fan (and thus intimately knowledgeable in the ways of the NFL and Fantasy Football) and always looking to add fun to any and all things.  It is likely most of my observations and analysis about the Social Business world will ultimately correlate back to these my life priorities.

NOTE: This is my personal blog and the thoughts and opinions are my own. This blog does NOT represent the view and opinions of Eli Lilly and Company.

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  6. Hi Bryce, I’d like to connect to discuss you Tablo implementation…very nice writeup BTW. I think I have a way to save you further $$$ and give you more content ..very low cost!…(free actually)! Would also like to discuss your social wares at Lilly…

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