Up in the Air: Worlds Colliding

I have a few issues keeping me from writing here as often as I would like:

  • Luke (3) – he likes to stay up late
  • Abby (4) – she likes to wake me up early
  • My day job – it occurs between the Abby and Luke encounters
  • The Colts Keep Winning, and I keep watching and attending their victories! Not a bad problem to have.
  • Good Business Practices:  Based on the stage on my Enterprise 2.0-related effort right now, I am limited in what I can discuss aside from broad generalities about Enterprise 2.0 as a practice or stuff having nothing to do with work. Over time that will change a little bit and should result in more valuable experience for me to share.
  • Writer’s block: I’m not great at pontificating about general concepts. I like to think of my work in applicable terms attempting to produce valuable and tangible results. I rarely spend any significant effort on conceptual or hypothetical scenarios.

So I have been trying to think of creative ways to come up with useful AND entertaining content for any readers that may venture this way. In a strange convergence of my life’s passions, something hit me….figuratively…

I rarely find time to read books at home because my emergence into real-time platforms consumes my reading windows…mainly because reading a quick article or series of Tweets when I have 5 minutes of peace is more convenient when drawing my hip-sheathed handheld versus toting around a 200 page book. But on the rare occasions I fly for work, I use that opportunity to read as many pages as I can manage in the sky. On my trip this week I happened to have two books with me. I brought Andrew McAfee’s Enterprise 2.0 to finish (sadly I started it way back in November) as well as Peter King’s Monday Morning QuarterBack (MMQB) which I had not yet started.

A funny thing happened…I finished Andy’s book at precisely 5pm (“quittin time”) and quickly transitioned to the opening pages of MMQB. I made the switch seamlessly from @TheBrycesWrite to @golfinbp at the proverbial Flinstone whistle.  My work interests and my personal interests were colliding!

As I started reading Peter King’s book, he explained the origin of his NFL-driven MMQB weekly article on SI.com (one of my long-standing Monday reading traditions) as a request from Sports Illustrated in 1997 to combine his unique NFL insights with stories and discussion of other elements of his life. It was an experiment for that new internet thing, essentially a blog before they were called blogs. It dawned on me…I am a man of structure, routine, patterns…what better way to keep me motivated and pumping out content than a routine oriented blog structure that I could rely on. This attempt to maintain a blog with spontaneous moments of inspiration just isn’t cutting it. My life doesn’t have spontaneity…see the first paragraph of this post…why should my blog try to be what I am not!!?? I was voted Most Dependable in high school, not Most Likely to Do Something Crazy.

So I am doing it…starting this Monday I am launching MME2 (Monday Morning Enterprise 2.0)…a blatant copy of Mr. King’s reliable platform…and a title that aptly describes my somewhat narcissistic nature. It will have a consistent format you can rely on. It will be published at a consistent time, providing me with a routine to follow. And it will mix insights from the work that I do, the life that I lead, and the passions that I enjoy. And it sure better be entertaining, in addition to providing a basic level of dependable insight, or else it isn’t MME2.

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