Why the Colts will Find A Way

At work I am fond of saying that “conversation is like water, it will find a way.” I use it to explain that if we don’t provide sufficient collaborative capabilities for our internal employees to work with, tools that are at least partially comparable to those they can use in their personal lives, they’ll find less secure and more risky options externally. They’ll find a way to collaborate.

When studying today’s Super Bowl match up between the Colts and Saints, I can recall specific statistics, performance against similar opponents, player match ups, etc. But I keep coming back to one thing…for the better part of the last two seasons this Colts team just finds a way to win. In the last 26 games that the Colts TRIED to win, they are 25-1.

That lone loss was the playoff game at San Diego last season where the Colts lost in overtime, losing the coin toss and never touching the ball in overtime. You may also remember that the Colts had a 3rd and 2 in the 4th quarter that had they converted would have ended the game. They missed a blocking assignment on one play to seal the game, and that is their only blemish in 26 games. I also have a lot more faith in this year’s defense and special teams units than last year’s thanks to Jim Caldwell having the guts to come in and change the Defensive and Special Team coordinators to improve the team.

This entire season the team has found a way to win when it looked unlikely. Games against the Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots and Houston Texans come to mind…where both the offense and defense came together to produce results when it counted to make an improbable come back win possible.

So I look at this game with a faith that, regardless of how the game goes during the first half, the Colts will find a way to win…yet again.

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