Colts Weekend with Jim Irsay and Other Fun Tweeps

Thought I would share a quick note for any Colts fans out there about the weekend I had.  I am going to write a longer post detailing my full experience on Sunday, but don’t have time at the moment. But wanted to quickly highlights things I’ve already published.

I spent the better part of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day tweeting with @JimIrsay and MANY other big Colts fans trying to win a day in Jim’s suite for the Colts v Titans game, and to meet him before the game.  Jim offered the prize (in addition to contests for a Hawaii trip and a free Prius) to 10 fans on Twitter that could show him they were the biggest Colts fans around. I was selected late Sat night as a winner after nearly 48 hours of driving my wife crazy.

Irsay and TheBrycesWrite at Colts game.jpg


Here is the blog post I wrote BEFORE I found out I won, and which likely could have been why I was selected.

Here are my pictures from the event, which I only was able to take until halftime because my phone ran out of batteries from taking so many pics and videos.

And here are a few videos I recorded while down on the field during warm ups!


You can also check out my tweet history on what it took to get there @TheBrycesWrite.

Look for a new blog post coming soon highlighting the day, including talking with Irsay directly, spending the 2nd half with Graham Rahal, leaving my very understanding wife in the nose bleeds and how a social networking “community” like Twitter made it all happen and made it much more than just an afternoon!

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